Recently I shared a post on Facebook about the ALDUB Phenomenon. I am sooo overwhelmed because I never thought that it would go viral. I am the type of person that rarely supports something unless I truly believe in it. That’s why I was very vocal on how I loved Kalyeserye. Though a lot of my “elite” friends will probably laugh at my craziness, it’s ok. 🙂 So I will be reposting it here again. Thank you to everybody who liked it and shared it. Aldub you!!!

My name is Carmi. Assumptionista, Used to be an Alabang Girl, living in California, USA and Certified Member of Aldubnation, 100% Fan of ALDUB.

An Open Letter to the Cast of KalyeSerye and the entire Aldub Nation

The last time I wrote an open letter, it was for my daughter. Now I think this will be for the both of us. I am very lucky that we both share a lot of things and have the same likes. Almost everything is a mother-daughter bonding event!
For the longest time, when I was still back in the Philippines, I was never a fan of local celebrities or artists. I don’t watch local channels nor do I like “loveteams” or what not. I was a cable girl – HBO, FOX, AXN, and the like were my favorite channels. If I ever was a fan girl it would only be singers or bands. I was a South Girl, studied in prestigious schools, and was in a totally different world.
So why did I get bitten by the “Aldub Fever” Bug?
Even before Maine became Yaya Dub, I already saw her Dubsmash videos that were making the rounds on Facebook. I found her very funny and entertaining. I knew already that she had that “It” factor.
Since we moved here in America, somehow missing home led me to watch local channels all of a sudden. My daughter asked that we add it to our cable service. At first I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to be teased or jeered at by my friends. But something from watching the shows made us feel a lot closer to home.
To be honest, I was not able to watch the first 5 episodes. But people were posting the videos on Facebook and it caught my attention. I went to Youtube and watched every episode from the very beginning. I must say, it made me really giddy and “kilig.” I was pleasantly surprised that the show really got me hooked! It became a regimen for Margaret and me. And yes I will whole-heartedly say that it made me a real fan.
What I love about the Kalyeserye is that it is real in the sense that it tackles a lot of very relevant issues about the times today. One in particular is the actual “courtship” that was happening between YayaDub and Alden. Sadly everything that Lola Nidora is true in terms of teens today. With the onset of technology and social media, parents like me lost the means to really supervise our kids. The process of “courtship” has been lost in translation already. It is very good that the show emphasized that things will happen in its proper time. If love is true, then it will happen at the right time. (I learned that the hard way!)
For me personally, as I watch it with my daughter, I got to discuss to her so many things. Like why Alden had to go through challenges, why Lola is not being mean but rather just doing what is right and is being honest. The show is bringing everyone young and old a learning of values, lessons in life and so much more. It’s not just a show anymore – it is a living, breathing beacon for change, positivity, laughter and love. Margaret and I talked about what we loved about Alden. We both agreed – he set the benchmark for guys everywhere. Humble, Kind, Respectful and most of all God-fearing. When it came to Maine, it was also an easy answer for us. She was a confident, happy and a Humorous person. She is doing this because it makes us and herself happy. She has no pretensions – just pure fun. And I told my daughter that what they have is the secret to success – Being true, being natural and having God on your side every single day.
The best part is that despite all the trouble, turmoil, and challenges that each person is experiencing, those precious minutes spent watching Kalyeserye became a way to look forward to tomorrow. The Aldubnation became happy, positive and solid – making each day a little more bearable with just a little “kilig.”
Call me “jologs” or “baduy” but yes, I am confirming and claiming that I am 100% a Fan of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza including the whole cast of Kalyeserye. (Special mention to Wally Bayola who I give such praises to his Superb Acting)
So I hope my letter inspires others as well. I am sad that I am not in the Philippines and may not have a chance to see them personally. But at least I am hoping that this letter makes its way to you guys. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings. I really want you to know that though I am going through a lot with my life right now, your show manages to make me smile and that means a lot to me. Romance had died for me a long time ago but at least now my heart feels the flutter again.
Oh and lastly, there will always be bashers. I probably might get some right after I post this. Heck, I’ll probably be laughed at as well. But frankly, I don’t care. There will always be issues. But at least, everyone is dealing with them graciously. And I hope other members of the Aldubnation will truly follow suit. The best revenge is to shower your bashers with love and positivity. Fighting will not get you anywhere. Let’s overwhelm them with understanding, love and care. Everyone has their favorites so everyone should just stick to theirs. No need for bad vibes!

So to the entire Kalyeserye Cast, Eat Bulaga peeps and the Entire Aldub Nation, Many thanks!!! Spread the fun, spread the Positivity and most importantly, spread the LOVE.
Aldub you!!!

KalyeSeryeThe first time...

Margaret loves AldubA daily regimen

2 thoughts on “ALDUB Fever

  1. Thank you for this. Am as hooked as you are. At first i hated yaya dub’s face distortions. So i asked my son why she is doing it and he told me about the dubsmash app that hit sone other local celebrities including Alden. Since i am working with no tv during lunch i only get to see it when my son told me what went on in eat bulaga, The rest is history, that i watched tamang panahon tugging along my husband 🙂 even if the ticket available was the farthest, last row in fact 🙂


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