A morning Chat with the Aldub Ambassador

It’s been quite a while since I last did one of my blog interviews. And what better comeback than this.

It is a known fact that Aldubnation is composed of people from all over the world and are from all walks of life. We have it all here in Aldubnation:Factions or Groups, Parody Accounts, Celebrities, Big Accounts, and Small Accounts. Indeed it can actually already be compared to a small country of sorts.

And because this fandom is composed of over hundreds of thousands of people, it is not uncommon that the fight to maintain unity and harmony is very high.

One of those people who really strive to promote peace and love in this Fandom is none other than @IAmWholeHearted more familiarly known as the Aldub Ambassador. So I had a fun and very emotional morning chat with Sir Yoel. Here is the transcript of our interview:

Good morning Sir Yoel! Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me. I know you’re a very busy person. So let’s immediately get started with the questions then.

“I’m ready if you are.”

Ok so First Question, “Describe your Aldub Story. When did all these start for you?”

“Sobrang fan na ako ng Dubsmash videos ni Maine noon pa lang! She does it differently kasi especially the Kris Aquino Videos.

I am part of the team replay because I have work everyday. It started when I was on VL one day, exactly July 16! It was a normal day for me then I saw YAYA DUB, who I so admire because of her awesomeness and ultimate level of being adorable! So yun na! Right there I got hooked na watching Kalye Serye everyday.

And last Saturday nakita ko siya sa Eat Bulaga, sobrang tuwang-tuwa ako! Tapos sinamahan pa ni Alden so pasok sa banga.”

Hahaha It was the same for me too! I downloaded the Dubsamsh app because of her. Waah so jealous that you got to see them live. Maybe when I come home I’ll get the chance – sa Tamang Panahon haha. Anyhow Next Question: “So how did you get into this Twitterworld of Aldubnation?”

“At first, I just loved watching them both! But as the story went on, I saw how powerful broadcast media combined with social media power can be to influence people for good stuff. Sobrang ganda ng build up ng story plus it had all the great lessons you can pick up from it! A lot of people are watching it over the world. Working in a media company, I was so impressed and overwhelmed sa effect ng social media.

This is my personal twitter account. I had this long time ago! My original name here was WholeHeartedRightNow but after the Kalye Serye thing I wanted to feel the crowd, the viewers, online community… So I told myself i will try to be more active on Twitter. So I did. I was thinking of the right name…My first thought was ALDUB-WHOLEHEARTED…but I feel like no one can immediately relate to it. So I continued to think about a good name.

During that time, sobrang talamak yung bashing incidents because of brand x releasing pastilla girl. And i thought, ‘WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO SPREAD GOOD VIBES AND TO BE AN INSPIRATION TO ONE ANOTHER?’ Ang unang naisip ko, I MUST BE THE STRONG EXAMPLE for people to follow. I must be a good representative of the ALDUB Nation…

Then naisip ko, since NATION ang FANDOM natin, someone has to be a spoke person, a representative, an AMBASSADOR! Doon nagsimula! I believe lahat tayo ambassador ng ALDUB Nation. Being an ambassador is not about being part of TEAM AMBASSADORS or any group, IT IS A MINDSET, A PARDIGM.

I think that time, I just want to campaign/to ensure that there is an excellent and responsible reprsentation of ALDUB Nation, Alden, Maine, EB, and KS within and outside the FANDOM!

That is what inspired me to authored PANATANG MAKA-ALDUB which was featured in 24 oras, Unang Hirit and even on GMANews online. After non naisip ko, naku wala ng atrasan to ah! haha!”

Oh yes the Panata:


A very profound answer Sir Yoel. This too is my personal twitter account. I had this since 2009 hahaha but it was only now that I became active. I too want to walk the same road. Still looking for courage and a stronger voice I guess hehe. I just remembered that you started as a Member of the Barako group just like me (Barako-Lakambini), “What made you go Independent?”

“I love the Barakos so much! DSI (who i met personally) knows that! I love the people and the fellowship inside! Yet being an ambassador opens a lot of doors to help people. I have a lot of conversations with twitter followers who have suicidal tendecies, sexually abused, those who broken family problems…So one day naisip ko, if I will be an ambassador, I have to fully commit to it! Part of it will be a slightly painful decision to leave my first group here on twitter! Plus I have a very busy work schedule. Hindi lang halata dahil lagi ako nasa twitter. I praise God though that whatever relationship I had with them stayed as it is. Kaya lagi akong kasama sa mga ganap nila! Yun din naman yung pangako ko kay DSI!

There are times that I am tempted to go back and God knows how much I want to. But I realized  that it is not really about membership but the RELATIONSHIP!”

Yes besides, “Once a Barako, always a Barako :)”


Next question, “What is your most fave episode to date?

“First would be the PLYWOOD incident! haha! Kasi yun yung turning point for me na, ay SERYE na talaga to! Seryoso na talaga ang Eat Bulaga dito! Saka ang ganda ng story line, no one has predicted that it’ll happen like that! haha! Yung parang for a time ang saya, tapos mamaya kaba naman, tapos mapapaiyak ka? I’m a person with my heart on my sleeves. Hightlight din for me yung acting skills ni Wally Bayola. I’m a theater actor myself so somehow na-appreciate ko yung effort niya! Hindi mo na makita si WALLY BAYOLA! Si Lola Nidora lang talaga!

Second, TAMANG PANAHON! I was there! I felt the energy within the Philippine Arena….Yun din yung first time that i get to meet some of the twitter friends part nun si prime at deo na doon pa natulog sa bahay namin! That is such a blessing. Someone from Dubai, who is a twitter follower/friend, gave me 10 tickets worth 1200 and 600 pesos for free. Kahit hindi kami magkakilala! I love that ep kasi yun yung peak eh. We all waited for it for a long time and finally it came with a good cause pa. Haaay! Words are not enough to describe how it feels to watch it live.

HowI just wished the Filipino overseas are there also, I have a big heart for them! Ramdam mo talaga yung love and belonginess ng ALDUB Nation. Walang kahit isang bad write up akong nabasa about that event!”

Hahaha I know waaah it was my first skype call with Prime and luckily you and Deo were there too so I finally got to “meet you”. It really was a special day even through my TV it felt like all the emotions where going beyond it.

“Nakita mo rin ang natural ability ng mga pilipino to come together and be one despite differences in faith, color, dialect or personality! Lahat tayo noon iisa lang which resulted to 41M world record! Partida yan ang hina ng internet dito sa Pinas! haha!

That alone is powerful how it can induce emotions from people kahit through TV! None of us will forget how EB & KS have made us felt!”

Sir Yoel, “As the Aldub Ambassador, do you have any goals in mind for Aldubnation?”

My goal is to equip and empower the ALDUB Nation how to be an AMBASSADOR! How to be a representative to one another and to other fandoms! I envision that each of us can communicate to people from other fandoms in a way that it creates positive impression about the ALDUB Nation, ALDEN Richards, Maine Mendoza and event Eat Bulaga; and the way that it builds mutual and continuous respect to one another! How would i do that?

1. I strive/pursue to be a strong example for people to follow. I want to be the person to walk the talk! People follow now not because of what they are told but what they see! I want my message to resound with my life lived on twitter world and outside online communities hoping that people will catch it and they will begin to the same!

2. I believe in EDUCATION! KNOW-L-EDGE IS OUR WEAPON! The more you KNOW, the more na may EDGE tayo. Kaya dapat maging isang L – learner! I myself have to continously educate myself. I bought a book on twitter, read the whole twitter rules and FAQs. Revisit my photoshop skills and all! So nasimulan natin dito ang Tweetorials, Twitter Tips, and Tweetiquettes! I believe one new thing we learned everyday allows us to grow at least 1% everyday! Can you imagine if we will jsut be consistent with learning one new thing a day, we have grown 365% after one year!

3. I want to continue to inspire people! Today people learn, not when you teach them but when you motivate or empower them! I don’t believe so much in IMPOSING on people. That alone removes their power to choose from their hearts! That’s why i always use the word INFLUENCE! Twitter is about thought leadership and building relationship. We are not here on twitter JUST to gain followers. Aha! It’s a responsibility!

I desire to see the ALDUB Nation being a global benchmark of what a FANDOM should be, and I also want God to be honored through it! Honestly, i don’t really need to do this, i’m not required to do this on top of my busy work! I do this because i want to and that i a get to do it! You too are not required to do this but you just love to! VOLUNTARY LOVE is so powerful! we love something or someone because we do not because we feel obliged to do so!”

Yes that is exactly what this is. Nobody had asked me to blog nor do interviews. But I wanted to do this because of the special bond that I feel with everybody here in Aldubnation. Not everybody understands that hehe. Hahaha oh yes! It’s already a way of life. Like when you wake up and after praying instead of brushing your teeth, you check your twitter muna hahaha

“Hahahaha I can definitely relate!”

Ok. Last 2 questions. The first of which is “If you can send a message to Alden and Maine what would it be?”

“A – ALWAYS PUT GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING YOU DO! Give God an access to your lives and make Him the center of it! He will direct your path straight! He has a plan for each of you and HE WILL NOT FAIL!

L – LOVE IS THE WAY FORWARD! Continue to love your work and be passionate about it! Continue to love your fans back, they will surely appreciate every effort to make time to tweet, spend time with them, you communicate to them, you pause with them on a picture or even make shout out for them.

D – DO NOT QUIT! I’m sure challenges and trials will come. You will be tested and tried just don’t give up! Be steadfast! Be determined to do whatever it take to what you want to do in life! I will just be here for the both you! (Nux feeling close) If you don’t quit, if you don’t give up, you win!

U – UNDERSTAND THE SEASON OF TIME! There is time for everything a season under heaven as the bible said! There is time for work, there is time for rest! So i pray that you will also have plenty of time to rest after every work that it’ll not toil on your health! I pray for a meaningful and quality time with your family that your relationship with them will grow even stronger! I pray you will have more time for yourself and God, so your strength maybe restored and you can spend time thanking Him for all the blessings He has given to both of you! I pray that your relationship with God will continue to grow too!

B – BE YOURSELF ALL THE TIME! Grow and be a better person everyday but do not let this industry or the opinions of othe people change you! The opinion of God toward both of you is more important than the others. You are God’s masterpiece and your are His children! He is your Father in heaven so always depend on Him. You don’t need to prove anything to us, we love you both just the way you are and we will continue to support you all the way!”

Awww that was so cool and so heartwarming. Now I have to follow it up with my last question, “What is your message for Aldubnation?”

“Awww! Naiyak ako nung sinabi mo yung message for ALDUB NATION. THIS ONE I SHOULD REALLY THINK ABOUT.

Whatever you do will create either a positive or negative impression toward ALDEN, MAINE, and the ALDUB Nation!

ALDUB promotes love so let’s do the same. First to ourselves for we can’t give what we don’t have! Second, let’s continue to love one another by forgiving and forbearing each another. Walang sinuman sa atin ang perfect kaya dapat maging generous at gracious tayo sa isa’t-isa! We can achieve unity even in the midst of diversity by always practicing humility and cultivating maturity!

There are many young ones online, let us guide them make right choices and to choose right words to tweet! If Kalye Serye cannot create change in our hearts then it’s just another TV segment! But we can initiate that change as a respond to Kalye Serye for it is not just another TV segment! Let us be the change we want to see. You want ALDUB Nation to be united? Start being humble and set aside your right to be RIGHT! Be quick and take time to LISTEN as it has the same letters of the word SILENT! Be slow to get angry and always offer kind words and encouragment!

Be the person online that you will be proud of! Be the person online that people can look up to and patterned their ways! Be an inspiration! Be the ALDUB AMBASSADOR that will set as a good example to each other and other Fandoms.

Moreover, Do not forget to enjoy the show and always ask the questions, “WHAT LESSON DID I LEARN TODAY? & HOW CAN I APPLY IT IN MY PERSONAL LIFE AND BE A BETTER PERSON?” Do not let negativities rob the joy in your heart!

Finally, whether you tweet or you quote tweet, do it for the glory of God. Be intentional! Tweet with a purpose! Tweet sensibly and responsibly! Stay positive and Inspire others!


“Thank you so much Sir Yoel. That was just so heartfelt and deep. I shall try to do my part and be like an Ambassador too through my written works.”

As we went our separate ways since he already had to go work, the Ambassador left me with a thought in mind. Yes he may be the “Aldub Ambassador” but all of us have the capability and the ability to be one. And we technically do that already whenever we console a twitter friend, support an account, post inspirational quotes and the like. I myself started with just simple posts of notes about inspiration. Now I’ve moved up to blogging 🙂 In order to keep this Fandom alive, we must be united in our thoughts and words. Yes there will still be fights, arguments, divisions. But as long as there are people like the Ambassador and people of this Fandom who continue to push for positivity and unity – we will remain steadfast. Kalye Serye may not last forever. But what we have formed here, the bonds, the relationships, the friendships and family that we built here? That will be endless. Be a miracle. 🙂




5 thoughts on “A morning Chat with the Aldub Ambassador

  1. I love the you give the meaning of ALDUB
    KEEP IT UP SIR kaisa nyo poh ako pra s aldub

    Congrats idol dj.carms isa k talgang alamat ng mga sakololo


  2. maraming salamat sa makadamdaming blog interview. hinahangaan ko po kayong dalawa, huggable me and aldub ambassador sa wagas ninyong layunin. saludo po ako sa inyo. mabuhay po kayo. kay sarap damdamin ng inyong adhikain, naway patuloy kayong gabayan ng poong may kapal sa inyong mithiin at palawigin pa ang inyong maaabot na pagpapala.

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