Alden: Embodying the essence of a true gentleman


Fans in general, tend to really push for reality even if we know that it is only for “reel.” We always hope that whatever onscreen romance our idols have, translates to real life – making the “kilig” even greater.

When Kalyeserye began there were a lot of talk whether Alden was just “acting” or if what he shows in TV was true. I myself blogged about this. Maine was vocal about having a crush on Alden so it was really a big question. Alden was a very quiet and reserved guy. He wasn’t showy or as funky as Maine was. They were a sudden hit, a phenomenon and the thought of it not being real became very touchy. They were a lot of comments, doubts, and bashing. Some went as far as saying that he was just using her for his career. I felt bad for him to be honest. There was so much pressure. And with everything happening so fast for them, you can’t help but wonder what’s goin on in his head. He was very vocal in saying that his priority was his family and his career. So it really can’t be denied that people were intrigued about what the real score was.


But in spite of all that Alden remained steadfast, elegant, courteous – a true gentleman. He handled the pressure like a pro. He took things one day at a time. He didn’t give in. He still offered each day to God and took baby steps. Even during the infamous “Japan trip” where it was like the entire Fandom was put to a test, he was great. People kept on hurling stuff at him but he was just honoring his commitments guys. Something that he had even before KS and yet people attacked him. But Alden? through the late nights, the exhaustion, he still made an effort for Maine. He vowed that he will come back and that he will make it up to Maine – which he did.

And as I have said, all throughout this endeavor, what made me like and respect Alden more was that he truly embodied the essence of a gentleman. He was a good role-model for all the boys, even the men. He would always make an effort. He always showed respect. And though Lola Nidora have given them liberty, he was not one to abuse it. He always acknowledged Aldubnation – always offering up his success to the fans. He had such a great work ethic. And Both he and Maine have not let the success get over their heads.

20 weeks have passed. So much has happened. And I am happy to say that I have seen Alden change. As Maine blossomed and embraced Showbiz, Alden has transitioned. Gone was the serious, reserved guy. What we see know is a jolly, no holds barred guy. He isn’t afraid to look goofy on camera. He isn’t ashamed to give out cheesy pick up lines nor is he frightened to wear his heart on his sleeve sometimes. His eyes would disappear cause his smile was effortless. He was like a new person. Some people say that Maine have rubbed on him. Some people said that he has finally fallen for her. Whatever the real reason is, I am happy for him because he finally opened himself more. People were just too excited. But this time, things happened at their own pace and watching it was a real joy.

As I watched today’s episode, I admired him even more. I saw how much he had respected Maine. Many times when two people get comfortable it changes. But for Alden, he never faltered. I saw how he protected her. Yes people would tease that, “Hey, he has his arm around her!” But look closely. He did that to shelter her from the screaming fans. “Hey he’s hugging her!” but it was because he appreciated her or wanted to comfort her. Another would comment, “Look they’re holding hands!” But if you do a replay it would be Maine that was leading on and he just followed her. People would say “He’s staring at her!” but his look was always of admiration and awe.

During the EKstreme Ride, he checked on her harness, asked how she was feeling. The way he hugged her when he saw how rattled she was. The way he helped her put her shoes on. Come on guys can you honestly tell me that this was an everyday thing that you experience haha peace! (My heart flipped when I watched. So jealous!) There was always a REAL concern and that was very honorable. If he was still just acting, why would he need to do these things? He wanted to make Maine feel special because she is. He gave her respect and importance. And love? Maybe that too 🙂


I hope guys would take a page from his book. Being a gentleman never goes out of style. The simple things like asking her if she wanted something to drink, or offering your jacket when she feels cold, or giving your arm as she takes a step to make sure she doesn’t fall down.. (reminds me of something hmmm haha). Sometimes it’s even as simple as respecting her and not being just all talk but living your words. It is treating her right. Being a gentleman doesn’t need having fancy clothes or giving expensive gifts nor does it entail being handsome. Being a gentleman is not only about chivalry but also about being honest and kind.

So to you Alden keep up the good work. Maine is truly a princess – a one of a kind girl and I applaud you for treating the way you do, cared for, respected, and valued. You also never cease to always put God in the middle of everything in your life. A real gentleman nowadays is a rare find. Don’t ever change ok? 🙂


Carmi huggable_me

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17 thoughts on “Alden: Embodying the essence of a true gentleman

  1. Wow!!Very nice!!We all feel the same when it comes to Alden’s way of treeating Maine. Very gentleman indeed!And yes,a rare find..Thank you miss Carms!You always put our thoughts into words!!Hands down!

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  2. We all are one in saying that Alden is a rare find. I truly believe that he’s the only person in showbiz who gave thanks, sings praise to the Lord in his waking days. Also, he won’t get tired thanking his fans always telling himself that without them he’s nothing.(Love you forever because of this…) I hope and pray that Alden won’t change what with the millions of adulation fans growing bigger each day!
    Am waiting for this day to come when Alden would say this to Maine in bended knee… I don’t know when… I don’t know how…but I know something’s starting right now… Watch and you’ll see….somebody I’ll be…part of your world 💕

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  3. What is a gentleman & can we find one? I have followed the KS since day, I never thought that I’ll stay long. I would not believe it, I am a man who never had any interest in following love teams, especially from the Philippines. I may watch their movies or TV series but that’s it. My wife was surprised that I even stay late at night (oftentimes after midnight) just to check on Twitter … I surprised myself too. Like Mr. Joey de Leon, I was never a techie kind. But what made me want to follow Maine & RJ? First, they made me feel young at heart. I sometime tease my wife everytime she’s “mad” at me for staying late at night. Second, the values KS has been imparting to its viewers. Third, I admire true & honest people … Maine showing her honest reactions everytime he’s around. Now, RJ is more vocal & straightforward in expressing his feelings towards her (even thru his pick up lines or jokes with those serious look when he deliver them … with sincerity). However, sometimes my wife reminds me that it’s all part of the show but no I will always have something to rebut. Thru twitter, I learned facts, “tsismis” or events that we cannot see during KS. I am a normal thinking person and I try to analyze things not just to satisfy my kilig cravings but to truly convince myself that “fantasy” can become a reality. For 5 months now, many things have changed, many secrets unearthed, millions of people got hooked (that includes me). I am happy to see how Maine has blossomed into to what she is now … blossomed into a beautiful young lady .. like a princess. But as they say, there should always be a prince .. and RJ has broken from the stereotype of being a serious person. Look how he is now … I will “blame” Maine for the nice changes in his life .. he’s now the true RJ … always happy because he’s inspired. For some occasions that they’re together (on KS), what have you observed? Need we list them down? Maine is now comfortable being with RJ and he is now a picture of a happy & inspired man. Who would disagree? In yesterday’s episode (at the EK) alone, we’ve so many moments which can prove that RJ is now ready to protect and give his time to Maine. On the other hand, Maine is so sweet for giving him the opportunity to prove that the man she is with is worthy of her affection. Furthermore, I wish that their supporters may be sensitive not to pry on their every move … they need some privacy too. In as much as we want to follow them every step, let’s not push them but let them enjoy each other’s company. Remember, they’re normal people like us. Let’ s be happy because they’re happy and pray that our wishes will come true. Have a nice day to all from AbuDhabiFriend.

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  4. hope all the guys / man out there will read this beautiful article and pick up everything written here. its also a wake up call to all the girls… to know what we deserve and entitled to experience… kudos!


  5. kudos to the writer!

    hope all the guys / man out there will read this beautiful article and pick up everything written here. its also a wake up call to all us girls… to know what we deserve and entitled to experience n feel..


  6. love this one!
    I love the episode last Saturday…
    even if some quarters may see it as “acting” yet again… and a way for Alden to bond with Maine even if thru the KS because of their busy schedules nowadays, they have no other means to see each other offcam I guess…
    Sabi nga kung gusto may paraan…
    He made it happen – his dream ideal date… bringing a girl to a theme park (i read it somewhere and watched a few interviews quoting him)

    And gosh ha!
    It truly showed how gallant Alden is…
    He was there as Richard Faulkerson Jr… taking care and protecting his BFF Nicomaine Dei Mendoza

    And one thing I learned from that episode…
    they should have their real date outside of the country!


  7. Reblogged this on geraldinegrafil and commented:
    And a “worth it” blog again.
    This is for the guys out there who almost lost the essence of a true gentlemen.
    We ‘ladies’ doesn’t really need such material things, or fancy big acts just for us to feel happy and respected, Me as a girl I really don’t need those fancy things, for simple acts and being a true and real gentleman for me is more than enough, I could careless about material things, but I have this eagle eye when it comes on looking at a real gentleman.
    I hope you guys take time to read this blog and try to apply it in your life, there’s nothing wrong on trying.
    Enjoy reading!

    ps: thanks again to huggablemewrites.


  8. Reblogged this on Probinsyana Diaries and commented:
    When the man of your dreams is so much of an Alden..
    So to you out there, I’ll be right here waiting until the “Tamang Panahon” for both of us to nurture our God-given love finally comes.

    Reblogging a one of a kind piece. Credits to Ms. Carmi, huggable_me.


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