Only Maine and you.. That’s all that matters.

Ever since I read Maine’s blog, I was full of thoughts, feedback and excitement. 

Like I said in my previous blog, she really let us peek into her heart and soul in that Bora entry. That was Maine. She poured herself into that blog and shared to the world a special day that she will be treasuring for the rest of her life. Being an introvert, it was actually quite brave of her. Talagang nagpakatotoo siya and it was in the middle of all the questions, mga pagtatalo about her and Alden. 

Alam ko na kayo din napaisip nung MAINE Event kung ano yung dahilan when she said na nagtatampo siya kay Alden. All the more napaisip tayo when Alden kept saying, Kahit nasaan ka pa, darating ako. Kahit saan ka, susundan kita.” Now, finally, we understand it. 

Maine here, was just like any other girl. She was like you and me. She wrote about how she was in “hopia mode” and “excited” that Alden would keep his promise. As girls, don’t we do that? You know, yung tipong isip ng isip, deciphering every word and every clue? Heck, especially if it involves someone we really care for, someone important to us, di tayo mapakali! (Aminin! ๐Ÿ˜‚) 

Before their first pic came out I already had insider info on what’s going on pero syempre iba yung feeling to see it talaga. I remember that we were in Downtown Disney and napatili ako when I saw it. People started at me but I didn’t care. I was looking at Maichard. From then on, I knew, MAICHARD IS REAL. โค๏ธ


Like I said before, napakaswerte natin kasi through the power of Social Media, we were given front row seats to this very special day for our girl. They could have kept it to themselves pero because they love us so much, they shared it with us ๐Ÿ˜Š But when the blog came out, it became more special, more intimate, more real kasi now we don’t just see it through pics, but we saw and felt everything – THROUGH MAINE’S EYES.



Napakasarap basahin kung paano kinukwento ni Maine yung araw na yun. I don’t know about the bashers, but for me, she was happy. From the moment Alden surprised her by being there early, to him actually pulling through for her – she appreciated every single moment. For Maine, it was a day to remember. 

It may have just been a few hours. But the memories they made can already last a lifetime. I felt her pain.. Remember her plea? Asking him to come back? How it was bitin? I felt her sadness. They had so much fun. For a few hours, they left all their cares away. They were just MAINE AND RICHARD having fun, spending time with each other and enjoying – something that both of them truly deserved. 

Every pic, every paragraph in her blog was an account of what happened during that day and hindi mo mapigilan mapangiti at tumaba ang puso dahil happy tayo para sa kanila. 

And this last paragraph? Wow. So many people have bashed Alden, have said that he was a fake, have accused him of being “paasa” “plastic” and “pretensious.” But seeing Maine’s testimony of him – tells us that it is the only defense he would ever need from now on. Alden’s or rather Richard’s #1 Protector was Maine herself. That in itself means so so much. Don’t you agree?

Ang daming nagmamarunong, ang daming nangunguna ng reaksyon at salita. But the people whose words truly matter here is technically not you or I but rather them kasi sila lang naman ang nakakaalam ng katotohanan and for us fans what should matter is that we support them and that we would be happy for them no matter what.

  And this collage? For me just says 5 words: Fun, Special, Memorable, Happiness and Love.

Whether it be as BFF or as more than that it doesn’t really matter because in time whatever it is, it will all unfold in God’s perfect time. We can all assume amd pressume. But at the end of the day, what matters is Maine and Richard. We were mere spectators to this phenomenon but they have made us such a big part of it. Aldubnation became a living, breathing movement. We had such fire and passion. Yes we are having a lot of problems right now. Before enemies are from the outside pero ngayon nakakalungkot kasi meron na rin na nanggagaling sa loob. Pero naniniwala ako na we can still bounce from all this.

And as Maine herself said, Richard made her very happy. THEY are happy. And you know what that is what we, Aldubnation should realize. We were at our strongest when we were united and happy. Our idols are happy. So should we, di ba? We should be happy for them. And once we rekindle the fire that drove this Fanmily, this Fandom? We will again rise and be unstoppable. Cause we are Aldubnation and we are Aldub STRONG.

Carmi huggable_me

Images CTTO Maine’s Blog


3 thoughts on “Only Maine and you.. That’s all that matters.

  1. kahit maraming bashers at nega, outside or within the fandom, as long as we are here who supports and loves them unconditionally.. we will remain strong and formidable.. in God we trust, and to God be the glory.. God bless Aldub and Aldub Nation..

    God bless you po!


  2. One thing I like about these too is that they aren’t selfish… they give credit where credit is due… they give praise, appreciation and support to the other when the other needs it or otherwise, they share their happiness because they’re bursting with it…
    Did you watch the KS today and how MaiChard delineated the reel from real? And how RJ thanked Maine for the blogpost? He knows, he appreciates… you know what I firat thought when he said that, he knows that it sort of like a love letter from Maine to him ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Reblogged this on The World according to Toni and commented:
    I honestly don’t know what to say, the moment I read about this Boracay post made me all giddy and happy at the same time. It was so bare and you can see right through her words how happy she felt that time. I, for once also yearned for that moment not to end, for I want them to enjoy their time together without studio cameras following them around.

    And I do agree with you Ms. Carmi, We SHOULD be happy for THEM.

    Hindi natin hawak ang kanilang mga damdamin. Let fate take its own course. Just like what Lola Nidora said, Lahat ng bagay dumarating sa tamang panahon.


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