Our Tamang Panahon

I have never thought that I’d be able to write this piece sooner.

Being a part of Team Abroad, I always thought that it would still be a while before I would ever have my Tamang Panahon with Maine. 

But on August 20, 2016 – it finally happened. 

I wanna tell you about our journey to this most Amazing Day.

When we first got news that Maine was coming to LA, we couldn’t believe it. We were pinching ourselves just at the very thought of it. My daughter and I said, “Naku, by hook or by crook we will do everything to even just get a glimpse of her.”

I am very lucky that my daughter is also fangirling so She supports me in my endeavors 😊

We didn’t have much information but we just based on the tweets. Our group figured that she would arrive friday night. My workplace was just a few mins away from the airport but of course I had to pick up my partner-in-crime, Margaret from school. So I traveled 1.5hrs of rush hour traffic to pick her up, go home for 10 mins to change and travel back to the airport which took me another hour.

We arrived at the airport quarter to 8. Looking at the flight schedules, the flight showed an arrival time of 10:45. Tom Bradley at LAX was the busiest so getting there earlier was important. We didn’t mind waiting. I was so excited to hand over to Maine my simple gift

Hot Cheetos!

It was fun watching time pass by waiting for such a special girl. We were doing a lot of crazy stuff while waiting. We were dancing, sharing stories, and singing. Best part was that we were a united Aldubnation. Different FCs, Team No Group, Simple Fans and the like. 

We were a FAMILY who had nothing but love for Maine and Alden. And to see Maine in the flesh was a dream come true.

We figured that going live on periscope would make ADN happy because I know that everyone was feeling the SEPANX already 😊 So when the monitors announced that the Cathay flight had arrived we were going crazy already. It would take a little longer.

But then the passengers coming out became less and less. It was already 1am..then 2 am… Something was not right. People were tweeting saying that she missed that flight. But we thought to wait it out a little more.

There were 2 next flights coming in from HK. A 7:45 one & a 11am one. It was 3 am and people were tired. We thought that the 7:45 was the most logical one. Some left and promised to come back at 7. Others couldn’t anymore. There were 4 of us that got left behind. Leila, Mommy Meds, Margaret and myself. 

By 6:30 am the others started to arrive already and we were all praying that she was coming. A lot of prople were still saying it was at 11. Leila and I looked at each other and said, “Heck we’ve already made it these far. If abutin pa till tanghali go parin.” I looked at my daughter and she was rock-solid, “Mom we’re staying.” She said. 

So we broadcasted at around 7:30am. By 7:50 the monitors still read scheduled. 

We were trying our best to get answers but it was hazy. But even if a Filipino employee at the airport tried to confuse us, we pushed on. Then we finally got a message that she indeed landed already. We held on to each other and waited. 

And then suddenly…

Seeing her shocked and surprised expression was the best thing ever. As for us, it was the best feeling ever. I was so emotional. I was physically and emotionally tired but they were all wiped out. Erased. Maine was worth the wait. 

I had expectations about this moment, I had expectations about Maine. But she went above and beyond all that. She was so accomodating! She was so sweet and caring! We could see how tired she was and even if they were pulling her away from us already she kept on coming back to sign things, take pictures, be hugged and kissed. She was amazing. She was a darling. It was our Tamang Panahon with Maine. A moment we have always been waiting for a long time.

I will honestly admit that I was kinda bummed that I wasn’t able to get a pic with her but I knew that Aldubnation will appreciate the effort. And besides, I saw her already and that’s more than enough ❤️

So to end this blog, this is what I have to say…

I’ve been writing these blogs for about a year now. My love for Aldub is unchanged no matter what happens. There have been issues among the fandom, I’ve had personal issues of my own, etc. But when I met Maine.. It just solidified everything that I loved about Aldub. We all loved Maine more.

Maine is the real deal. The reason that she is well-loved is because she knows how to give back. She knows how to appreciate. She is more “like us” than a usual celebrity – someone that is very rare these days. She was simple and real. As real as can be. 

It was such an Amazing Day for me and Margaret (the Coldplay concert was just super dooper Amazing too 😍). A day that I will never forget. The lack of sleep, the tiredness, the long wait was truly worth it. Because she was worth all the effort. 

She truly is the best queen a Fandom can have because she loves and cares for the members of her kingdom. She still hasn’t have full grasp of just how much fame and popularity she has now but that’s just part of her charm. She is so grounded and so humble. She is the darling of the people.

So yes I am soooo happy because my Tamang Panahon arrived. 

And it was absolutely awesome 💕

Carmi huggable_me


17 thoughts on “Our Tamang Panahon

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    I truly admire your perseverance and more so because of your love for Maine! I too am a fan of ALDUB ( from Canada) but i don’t think I would have the stamina to wait that long! Kudos to you & your daughter.
    God bless you.


  2. I was watching along with all of you. I wish I could’ve made it but you know how it is here in the states. Work work work. Maine is indeed a gem. She is amazingly humble. So mabait and grounded. I was amazed at her demeanor and how she accommodated all of you guys. I’m so proud to be her fan (a motherly one). Thank you for all your efforts. XOXO


  3. I’m so touched of your blog Carmi! I’m glad you had tamang panahon with Maine. I wish that day will come for me too. Love her so much.


  4. Worth the waiting…@huggable me, you’ve written a very truthful adjectives that best describe Maine Mendoza, the real Queen of ALDUB nation, the most real person in the world of show business.


  5. Thanks for sharing. I watched your live periscope, as we are on the same time zone, I slept at 2 am and woke up at 7 am. It’s not a joke staying at the airport and waited for Maine for a long period of time to come out. Kudos to all of you! You’re one of the true ADN’s who supports A&M whole heartedly! God Bless You More! Take care! For sure you made us more motivated to continue supporting A&M, the road to FOREVER! Cheers, from Vancouver Canada


  6. Thank you for sharing. I was too, waiting here in the Phillipines for the updates regarding her flight that day. And when she finally arrived and saw u guys how happy u were upon seeing her, i was too emotional, tear run down my cheeks for the feelings that i can’t explain. The reaction on her face when she saw ur group is so natural, how surprise she was upon seeing u guys is so real.


  7. I so love your BLOGS suwerte mo nakasama mo na siya not just nakita she was literally with you guys we sa it ayaw din niya umalis and she was taking photos of you guys….i bet in one of her blogs you will be there …


  8. Naiyak po ako sa journey nyo ng Tamang Panahon…Grabehhh isa kayo sa BEST FAN EVER NG ALDUB….Thanks a lot po di kayo nagsasawa sa supporta nyo sa ALDUB…sarap nyong bigyan ng AWARD!👏👏👏😄MAY GOD BLESS U & YOUR DAUGHTER.


  9. Reblogged this on The World according to Toni and commented:
    I’m so glad that little by little, Team Abroad can have their own “Tamang Panahon”. I can truly attest to what you have experienced Ms. Carmi. All efforts has been rewarded with something that cannot be replaced. It was such a delight to see that you now have been touched by what we so called “Maine’s Midas Touch”. I do hope that you can repeat the experience again. And on behalf of everyone who misses her badly here in the PH, we thank you for giving us updates that day. We didn’t mind waiting as well until the wee hours just to make sure she landed safely, and seeing her reaction when she arrived made us more “SEPANX” already.


  10. Inggit much Carmi! I hope I can have my Tamang Panahon with Maine too! I’ve been your follower too! Thanks for the updates and blogs!


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